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cc to L Calculator & Vice Versa: Convert in a Snap! 😎

Welcome to our cubic centimeters to liters online calculator!

Here are a few situations when you might need to convert cubic centimeters to liters:

  • Cooking: Whether you're trying out a new recipe or just trying to figure out how much milk to add to your coffee.
  • Chemistry and science experiments
  • Farming and gardening
  • DIY – when you're working on a car engine, a lawnmower, or a plumbing project.

How to Use Our Calculator to Convert cc to Liters and Vice Versa

Are you tired of manually converting cc to liters and vice versa? Our online calculator makes it easy! Here’s how to use it:

  1. Enter the number of cc you want to convert in the Cubic Centimeters field.
  2. Instantly see the number of liters in the Liters field - no clicking required!
  3. Want to convert liters to cc? Simply enter the number of liters in the Liters field and instantly see the number of cc in the Cubic Centimeters field.
  4. Want to convert between other volume units? Select your desired conversion from the drop-down menu.
  5. Need to lock a field while changing settings for the other fields? No problem! Simply click on the lock icon next to the field you want to lock.

Formula to convert cc to L:

Converting cc to L is like going from a sip to a gulp! 🥤

1 cc = 0.001 L

10 Fun Facts about Cubic Centimeters & Liters You Didn’t Know! 🤓

  1. What is a cc? 
    A cc (cubic centimeter) is a unit of volume that is equal to one milliliter.
  2. What is an L? 
    An L (liter) is a unit of volume that is equal to 1000 milliliters.
  3. How many cc are in an L? 
    There are 1000 cc in an L.
  4. How do I convert cc to L? 
    To convert cc to L, simply divide the number of cc by 1000.
  5. How do I convert L to cc
    To convert L to cc, simply multiply the number of L by 1000.
  6. What are some other units of volume?
    Other units of volume include milliliters, deciliters, and cubic meters.
  7. What is a deciliter? 
    A deciliter is equal to one-tenth of a liter, or 100 milliliters.
  8. What is a cubic meter? 
    A cubic meter is equal to 1000 liters.
  9. What are some common uses for cc and L? 
    CCs are often used to measure the displacement of engines in cars and motorcycles, while liters are used to measure the volume of liquids like water and gasoline.
  10. How can I use your calculator to convert between other units of volume? 
    Simply select your desired conversion from the drop-down menu!


From tiny cc to big L - our calculator makes it easy! 🧮

Happy cc to L converting!